When will my site be online?

We attempt to get all account setup and a welcome e-mail sent out within 6 hours. New accounts are setup when they appear on our order screen. This can take up to 2 hours, from the time you place the order, to the time that the new order appears on our screen.


If you do not receive your welcome email in 2 hours from placing your order, please submit a ticket at https://supportdatainc.com/myaccount/submitticket.php and we will investigate further.


If you already have a domain name registered, its as easy as signing up, uploading your files via FTP, then lastly contacting your existing registrar (who you bought your domain name from) and request they they change your domain's DNS name servers to our nameservers which are supplied in your welcome email


After the change is entered, you will need to allow 24-72 hours for it to propagate across the internet then it will start working. 


(Note: If you purchased your domain name from us, the DNS name servers will automatically be configured properly, you do not need to contact us with the name server entries.)


Whether you have a domain name already or plan on buying one, your site with your domain name can be live here in as little as 24 hours.

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